About Me

I am a caucasian, quarter-italian male living in Minnesota. Or possibly Australia. I don’t know, stalkers. I was born in 1999. I’m fourteen, but really tall. I am an aspiring cartoonist, and this website is dedicated to my two new comics I will be working on, which will be posted here. There is also a blog, although keep in mind that I don’t really do anything interesting, so it’s mostly there so I can ramble about Star Wars and Die Hard when I get bored.

Descriptions of my two new comics are below.

The above picture is a young me. Keep in mind the limits of a camera; they cannot capture my true beauty. My body type is not pictured. Imagine ‘stocky farmhand’.

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About French Club

French Club has been in the works for about a year, being honed and fine-tuned. It centers on a group of five kids, assembled by JJ Walters, the ostensible main character. He wants to create an second french club at his school which already has one, so he, Muller, Carl, Hugh and Andromeda must attempt to unofficially meet together in their free time. Hilarity ensues, probably.

It is drawn with pen, with every update containing one 4-panel (usually, sometimes more or less, always he same size though) strip.

current update schedule is one post every other week, on Friday.

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About Body in the Foyer

Body in the Foyer, similarly, has been in the works about as long as French Club. It arose one day when I was ruminating on whether anyone had ever done a murder mystery parody comic. I googled it, and nothing really obviously ‘idea-stealy’ came up, so I was like, ‘yeah, I should do that!’ So I did.

It revolves around the stereotypically intelligent and gentlemanly detective, Westcott, and his enthusiastic assistant, Clint, who reads a lot of murder mystery books, solving the murder of Alfred Whittleby II.

It is drawn with an ink brush, which I’m experimenting with. Each comic will have one entire comic book page, with about 5-7 panels, although this can fluctuate quite a bit. Although, again, it's always the same size. It currently updates every other week on Saturday.


About Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap is a 1989–1993 science fiction television show created by Donald Bellisario which I personally have no relation to. I watched it though, like, the first two or three seasons or something. Dang, that was a pretty good show. You remember the episode where he leaped into Lee Harvey Oswald? Heavy stuff.


About the state of our economy

I don’t know anything about the state of our economy, but can’t we all, like, put all our money in a big bowl in the middle of the, uh, world, and when we need some to buy stuff we just go take some from it, and then at the end of the day we just put all of the money back? Wouldn’t that work for everyone?