August 31, 2014


Looks like Billfred is looking for a 'down low' there in panel five, as celebration for so far excelling at being a murder suspect. Unfortunately, he'll have to learn the hard way that Westcott is more the fist bump type.

Hey, you! Yeah, you! Do you enjoy humor? Do you like light, laughter and love? Do you get through the day by hoping against hope that one day you will find that one true purpose, that one true meaning that will make your life worthwhile? Well have I got something for you! A brand new blog post, in the blog section. Just click that 'blog' button up there to read it. Good man! Jack out.


Meems on September 10, 2014 at 05:16 said:

Can't wait to see if the butler did it, as per their reputation!

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