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Always remember proper first aid, in case of an emergency:

If the bone is broken, immediately drink a glass of milk. Calcium, mm-mm.

If you are bleeding profusely, try natural remedies, like rubbing small twigs and raccoon scat in the wound. Just like the Native Americans did.

If you learn that you are in the early stages of a fatal disease such as Malaria, try believing in yourself. If it doesn't work, you didn't believe in yourself enough.

For third degree burns or gunshot wounds, try herbal tea. Really. You'd be surprised.


This is oddly topical, it being July and all. I'd like some grenades for fireworks, cause what's more American than blowing things up? For the next fourth of July, I want to explode a grenade, while eating a hot dog, voting, watching a baseball game, saluting the American flag and punching a Russian. Then I'd probably get arrested for the grenade thing and assaulting a Russian person, but the real reason would be for being too patriotic. COMMIES.


Over seven people are killed each year from the high-risk lifestyle of Moon Juice addiction. It's kind of hard to make, you have to mix a bottle of bleach with some alka-seltzer and like a bathtub full of LSD, but once you make it let me tell you, you will be tripping harder than a blind man at a pothole convention.

Stay off the Juice, kids, don't be a Fool...ce.

June 29, 2014


Haha! That was some clever editing, right there, just like he said. What can I say, I'm good.


So here we go, this is French Club 1#. I realize that I had promised to update on Mondays and Fridays, and this is quite patently Tuesday. Well, I apologize. From here on out, my updates will be constant and on schedule.

Before this website was birthed from the mind of my valued Webmaster, I drew up a small store of updates for both of my comics. These will fuel French Club for two weeks while I settle into my schedule, and Body in the Foyer for a month. I drew up the French Clubs to intentionally leave out most of the main characters so that I would have the opportunity to drastically change the cast and scripts if I so wished. And I did. So, dear comic enthusiast companion of mine, you will be reading a small solo adventure of JJ's before he encounters the characters mentioned in the about page(which, if you lost the top part of your eyes in a gruesome accident and cannot see the link at the top of this page named 'About', you can find here http://comics.jackpickert.com/static/about ).