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August 10, 2014


(That's Aquaman's symbol on Muller's shirt in panel 4.)

July 26, 2014


Annihilation has such a bad connotation these days. 'I'm going to 'annihilate' your family'. 'The Earth will be 'annihilated''. We need to reclaim it! I'm going to 'annihilate' this kitten...With hugs! I'm going to 'annihilate' the town...With support for my community! I'm going to 'annihilate' this homemade cardigan...With my delicate needlework!


This is oddly topical, it being July and all. I'd like some grenades for fireworks, cause what's more American than blowing things up? For the next fourth of July, I want to explode a grenade, while eating a hot dog, voting, watching a baseball game, saluting the American flag and punching a Russian. Then I'd probably get arrested for the grenade thing and assaulting a Russian person, but the real reason would be for being too patriotic. COMMIES.


Over seven people are killed each year from the high-risk lifestyle of Moon Juice addiction. It's kind of hard to make, you have to mix a bottle of bleach with some alka-seltzer and like a bathtub full of LSD, but once you make it let me tell you, you will be tripping harder than a blind man at a pothole convention.

Stay off the Juice, kids, don't be a Fool...ce.


The perspective in panel two is only slightly disquietingly Escheresque, I came up with the textual equivalent of the sound that tumbleweeds make and I got to draw a hobo. Happy Costa Rican Arbor Day, everybody!


It sure is convenient that hobos take on descriptive monikers like that. You need not wonder what to expect from a fellow named 'Armpit Steve'.*

*Pro Tip: Expect armpits of some kind.


I love that moustache so much. if I could grow facial hair, I don't think there would be any doubts that that would be what I would wear. That, or I would die my hair green, grow it until it went entirely over my body, and then pretend to be an overly large chia pet. And I would pose in the corner in a pot in my cover story guy's house, and then the guy would bring his house guests over and say "You like my giant chia pet? I got it off eBay," and then I would jump out at them and they'd scream, and then we'd all have a good laugh.