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That's an apple in panel two, not a shapeless white blob. A merry Costa Rican Arbor Day to you all!

June 9, 2014

All of the other characters shown in the wide-angle shot two pages ago are still standing there, in an uncomfortable silence, waiting for the narrative spotlight to swing back to them. They're probably avoiding eye contact with each other, maybe checking their twitter. Ah, the eternal ennui of the ancillary character.

May 25, 2014


As the characters in this comic have demonstrated, I have a bit of a fancy for hats. If I had a million dollars, or if I had only some and the opposing choice was buying food and shelter of some sort, I would still buy a bunch of hats and wear a new one for each day of the week. And people would be like, 'Oh what's Jack wearing today his hats are the highlight of my pathetic, lifeless existence' and I'd come out with an enormous pair of deer antlers on, or a Carmen Miranda fruit pile, or a stuffed raccoon (or some other piece of taxidermy) repurposed into an intimidating balaclava.

Then one day I'd come out wearing no hat at all, and people would say 'What? The heck? No hat? I don't understand! MY FEEBLE, RAT-LIKE MIND CANNOT PROCESS CHANGE!!! WHY IS THERE NO HAT?' And I'd turn to them and look them in the eyes as I'd say, as I made a sweeping gesture with one hand, 'The real hat...Was our HAIR all along' And they'd gasp and scamper away, agape with my wisdom.


Ah, pipes. I like pipes. If I owned a pipe, I'd sit on my porch in a rocking chair and beckon neighborhood children to listen to my long, elaborate stories of my time in 'Nam. Then if one of the children pointed out that I had just recounted the plot summary of Saving Private Ryan in vague terms because I hadn't actually seen the movie, I'd throw glitter into their eyes and escape on my motorcycle. Because I'd be the neighborhood eccentric, and I like to keep kids on their toes.