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July 27, 2014


Always lie like a rug to the police if you think you can get away with it! It's their job to find out things, why make it easy for them? Plus, if you can snag a taser while you're with 'em, and then tase them unconscious and pose their bodies in hilarious positions while they're unconscious, they think that's hilarious. That'll score you some forgotten parking tickets, for sure.

That's an apple in panel two, not a shapeless white blob. A merry Costa Rican Arbor Day to you all!


Ah, pipes. I like pipes. If I owned a pipe, I'd sit on my porch in a rocking chair and beckon neighborhood children to listen to my long, elaborate stories of my time in 'Nam. Then if one of the children pointed out that I had just recounted the plot summary of Saving Private Ryan in vague terms because I hadn't actually seen the movie, I'd throw glitter into their eyes and escape on my motorcycle. Because I'd be the neighborhood eccentric, and I like to keep kids on their toes.