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Ah, pipes. I like pipes. If I owned a pipe, I'd sit on my porch in a rocking chair and beckon neighborhood children to listen to my long, elaborate stories of my time in 'Nam. Then if one of the children pointed out that I had just recounted the plot summary of Saving Private Ryan in vague terms because I hadn't actually seen the movie, I'd throw glitter into their eyes and escape on my motorcycle. Because I'd be the neighborhood eccentric, and I like to keep kids on their toes.


The first page with the BitF credit line! Very nice. There are many things I like about this page: The tree in the background. Clint's expression, panel 5. Officer Bob's dot eyes instead of my usual small vertical line eyes. Hadley's head shape, which is actually more difficult to get just right than it looks, is consistent in those two panels. Also, you can't tell now, but that's a police car in the background, panel 2. Gad I'm incredible at this.


Okay, admittedly, I've been behind on updates after I said I wouldn't  be anymore. There, I admitted it. I assume that's good enough for you. By the way, that background looks different because the camera flipped and it's facing the other direction. Also, that tiny painting in the background in the last two panels? It's a painting of a field. It was painted by Wilhelm Schepman, 17th century artist and poet. It was bought by Whittleby for five hundred thousand dollars when he was visiting the Eastern Berlin Institute for Art. He got a very painful rash on his left thigh on that particular trip.

That's all completely canon. Aren't you glad you get inside information? That will all totally become important later, probably.

We're a a day late on this one, because I didn't have time yesterday to scan this into my computer and upload it. It's worth the wait, though, as you can see! Look at that wall of text and talking heads! Seriously, that's quite a bit of text. Braxton's head appears to be morphing throughout every panel. I'm not sure what
this could mean. Perhaps that moustache is some sort of magic talisman which lets him change shape at will. Yeah, that sounds right.