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That first panel is the best. The rest of it is a little bit meh. For those of you who don't know, I updated French Club as well as this today! You can see it if you just put your clicker over that little 'French Club' button at the top there. No pressure, but it's really good today. Like, REALLY GOOD. Still no pressure. If you DO want to see it, just kind of drag your finger/mouse up there and click that little ol' button. If you do. No pressure.

Bitf6e280943We're a day late on this one, cuz I forgot. I seem to do that a lot. But
who even cares, look at that! You can tell it's a flashback because the
panels are all wavy. I examined those blueprints in panel three, made sure they were correct. Well, kind of. They might work. You know, don't examine them too closely, they're probably fine. Also, Whittleby owns a large, intimidating painting of himself. I want one of those.


This is the first of the new BitF pages I've drawn up, and it's the most magnificent. That's a crash course in one-point perspective, right there. Look at the details! Look at that chandelier! That's a darned fine chandelier. I'd be proud to own a chandelier of that caliber. Look at that corpse! That's a darned fine corpse. I'd be proud to own a corpse of that—well, actually I definitely wouldn't. (I keep mine frozen so that they don't start to stink.)